Enjoy Life, We’re Cookin!


We invite you to come and try fresh delicious Sandwiches, Soups, Sides, and desserts
all made fresh in house.

Enjoy life, we're cookin!

The Stein’s story began in July of 2018 when growth in the catering side of Addie’s became so abundant that we began our search for a location that would better accommodate our needs. In perfect timing a location on Southland Drive became available, it met all of our needs and everything fell into place. With most of our catering geared towards Lexington we were not only in close proximity to our home but to our valued customers as well. We love that the Southland Drive location meets our catering needs, but are ecstatic that the storefront brings about the opportunity to expand our brand to include a deli, and in the near future a creamery!


We are going to continue with the Addie’s tradition with the opening of Stein’s (Linda’s maiden name: “Edelstein.”) We are so excited to become a part of the business community here on Southland Drive and would love to make you part of our family and our story. We invite you to come try the delicious homemade sandwiches and sides in our deli as well as our new creamery featuring a variety of delicious flavours! We greatly look forward to making you a part of our history.  

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